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Why Is My Hearing Aid Not Working?: Troubleshooting Guide

Your hearing aids are made up of many delicate parts. Just like with any other electronic device, you may occasionally experience some technical difficulties. However, most of the time, the cause of your hearing aid not working properly is due to an issue that you can easily fix yourself.

It’s important to routinely perform general cleaning and maintenance on your hearing aids to ensure they operate as they should. Simple acts like showering, swimming or leaving them in an extremely hot or cold environment for an extended period of time can affect their performance.

Clean Your Hearing Aids

When you start experiencing difficulties, it’s always a good idea to start off by cleaning and checking your hearing aid settings. Carefully wipe your hearing aid with a soft rag and use a pick, if necessary, to remove any buildup in crevices. If you are able to turn your hearing aid on but cannot hear anything, the culprit is usually a buildup of wax, dust or debris in the hearing aid that is causing a clog.

Check Your Hearing Aid Settings

Look at your hearing aid settings and make sure they are adjusted properly. It’s not unusual for things like the on/off switch, volume levels or microphone to accidentally move around and then affect the sound.

Check the battery as well. If it’s a chargeable battery, it might just need a charge. If it’s a replaceable battery, first make sure it is inserted correctly and has not expired. Then, try removing it and reinserting it. If that doesn’t work, try a new battery. Battery issues are a prevalent cause of hearing aids not working properly.

If you come across any cracks or tears, or if you see a lot of damage as you are checking the settings, then you may need to set up an appointment so the unit can be repaired. For example, issues involving the internal tubing, the microphone, or the case and battery compartment typically require professional attention.

Visit Your Hearing Practitioner

While these steps will usually solve simple issues, you may need to take other steps if the problem is not resolved. For example, if your hearing aids turn on but don’t work, you might consider setting up an appointment with your hearing practitioner to see if the issues are due to a buildup of wax in your ear canals.

Your hearing aid issues could also be due to hearing changes. Over time, hearing aids will begin to work differently due to the physical changes you undergo, such as aging or weight fluctuations. If your hearing aid causes you any discomfort, the age and outdated fit of the unit may be to blame.

Not having the right hearing aid or fit can cause you to experience hearing difficulties as well. To ensure you have the proper device for your needs, Beltone offers free online hearing tests and consultations that account for factors like your health and hearing history and lifestyle. With products for all styles and needs, Beltone will work closely with you to find the perfect fit.