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How Do I Fix My Hearing Aid When It Stops Working?

Sometimes, you may find that your hearing aids are not working as they should. You might run into issues such as not hearing any sound, experiencing obscure sounds or receiving incoming noise with a very low volume. When these things happen, it is often possible for you to troubleshoot and solve the issues yourself by following a few simple steps.

Whenever you start experiencing trouble with your hearing aids, do a check to make sure they are on, the volume is up and the battery is placed inside correctly. Then, gently clean the hearing aids. Many times, dust, debris, and wax can build up inside and affect the sound. It is always a great idea to spend just a few minutes wiping them down each day to prevent any buildup.

If cleaning doesn’t help, there are a few other quick hearing aid fixes you can try:

  • Remove and reinsert the hearing aid
  • Take out and replace the battery
  • Replace the wax filters
  • If your hearing aid has a dome, make sure it is free of wax and debris
  • Check the volume control

Signs You Might Need Professional Help

Occasionally, your hearing aids might have major issues that simple cleaning and battery replacement don’t solve. Your hearing aids might need the help of a professional on occasion, especially if they are several years old.

There are a few questions you can ask yourself to discover if a professional should be the one taking a look at your hearing aids:

  • Do my hearing aids have a history of needing repairs?
  • Am I hearing excessive sounds like feedback and whistling?
  • Do my hearing aids have a lot of visible damage?

Many times, your healthcare professional will be able to make the repairs. Various aspects will affect the cost of the service, such as the amount of damage, the cost of any needed replacement parts and if the units are still under warranty. Sometimes, they might need to send the hearing aids off to the manufacturer for more detailed repairs. However, if the damage is excessive, it will often be a better investment to replace your hearing aids instead of repairing them.

Replacing Your Hearing Aids

Can old hearing aids be fixed? Sometimes, but it’s important to keep in mind that hearing aids are not designed to last for decades. On average, most of them will need to be replaced instead of repaired if they are older than five years. Getting a replacement pair will provide you with the best possible fit and upgrade your technology.

If you need help selecting a new hearing aid, Beltone offers a free hearing evaluation and consultations. Reach out to learn more about our repair services, wide range of digital hearing aids and financing options available.