"Professional people and great atmosphere. The people who work here really are great people who care about helping others." - Tammy W.

Beltone offers premium quality hearing aid repair services for various kinds of hearing technology devices. When you come into any of our hearing aid repair centers, we treat you in a special way. We focus more on ensuring you enjoy better hearing for the rest of your life than on merely repairing your hearing device. Our service is tailored to suit your unique needs.

How can we help?

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

We use a multi-step process to determine the state of your hearing to best assess how we can fit your needs.

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In-Home Consultations

We offer in-home, nursing home or assisted living center consultations to accommodate those who are not able to come to our office.

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Payment Assistance

Financing on hearing devices is available at Beltone in a variety of options.

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Service and Repairs

Any repairs or tune-ups for your hearing device can be done at our Beltone office.

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CapTel Telephone Service

CapTel telephones can be ordered for you free of charge when you become a Beltone customer.

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Why Should You Come to Our Hearing Aid Repair Center?

You can trust our professional repair service — Beltone has been providing the best hearing improvement services in America since 1940. We use the best diagnostic equipment to detect any faults in your device. Plus, we stock a wide variety of hearing aids along with their spare parts.

Our technicians are trained to service and repair various types of hearing aids. Your hearing aid repair costs will be drastically reduced when you bring your device to us. We also offer unmatched warranties on our spare parts and repair services.

What to Expect After Receiving Our Hearing and Repair Services

After visiting Beltone, you can expect the following:

  • Appreciate our caring and compassionate attitude
  • Use your device with confidence because we pay close attention to every detail of your hearing aid
  • Notice improved hearing and be able to distinguish between various sounds effectively
  • Feel confident in our comprehensive follow-up care to ensure your device is performing as expected


Take the next step and enjoy our warm, personalized service. Visit a Beltone hearing aid center to receive a free consultation and learn how you can enjoy better hearing today.