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11 Mar

Helpful Tips For What To Do If You've Lost Your Hearing Aid


Hearing aids, while they are a life changer for individuals suffering from hearing loss, can often be expensive. They contribute greatly to your daily quality of life, but there is no doubt that they represent quite an investment.

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13 Feb

Why Is My Hearing Aid Not Working?: Troubleshooting Guide


Your hearing aids are made up of many delicate parts. Just like with any other electronic device, you may occasionally experience some technical difficulties. However, most of the time, the cause of your hearing aid not working properly is due to an issue that you can easily fix yourself.

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09 Aug

Why Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Will Ultimately Cost Consumers Much More

Will Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Really Save Consumers Money?

There is a recent trend to end restrictions on popular medical treatments by allowing consumers to purchase hearing aids over-the-counter without a prescription in an attempt to make it more convenient and affordable. When dealing with medical issues, however, convenience is not always the top priority.

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30 Jan

Hearing Aid Batteries

Hearing Aid Batteries

Congratulations! You’ve just purchased your first pair of hearing aids. Once you’ve purchased your new hearing aids, there are a few accessories you need to keep your new hearing aids in good condition. You will receive a case to store them in and tools to help keep them clean. Besides a case and tools, hearing aid batteries are a necessity for every hearing aid user. In order to run efficiently and effectively, your Beltone hearing aids need a steady source of power.

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