Hi Eric and Cindy,
My name is Phill and I have been accompanying my 84 year old mother at your Beltone Camp Hill, PA location over the last few weeks. Eric Smith is the Hearing Instrument Specialist who did all the evaluations and provided her with her new hearing aids. I’m writing to let you know just how special this individual is.
I have been with my mother through all her operations and various procedures during the last 20+ years. I am there, not only as her son, but to provide a second pair of eyes and ears during consultations, procedures, advise, follow-up, etc. It’s from this 2 decade experience I can honestly say patient care has diminished significantly. Most doctors and staff have their faces planted into the computer screen with their backs towards you as they plug in all the things the insurance company needs so they get paid. There’s very little eye contact and it always seems they’re in a rush to move you along to attend to the next patient. The assistants are the same and it seems to be getting worse. This is why I have committed myself to being with her each and every time. Quite honestly, I expected no difference during the initial appointment with Eric Smith at your Camp Hill location. Our intention was to meet with him and get a few other opinions from some of the ads we continue to get bombarded with on a weekly basis. However, we quickly learned after meeting Eric there was no need to seek another consultation. This appointment was different, very different, and quite frankly, extraordinary which is what motivated me to write to you. Eric took his time educating us on the functionality of the ear and how it relates to the brain, how her current hearing aid was missing the mark, took various detailed tests, thoroughly explained the results and made some recommendations. He is extremely knowledgeable, personable and has the patience of a saint, and at no time did we ever feel rushed in any way.
We unfortunately live in a different world these days, one that lacks honesty, integrity, professionalism and a genuine ability to connect with the general public. We crossed paths with one such individual who represents your organization and we wanted you to know that. We also want you to know we will go out of our way to recommend Eric and Cindy to those in our inner circle with similar hearing challenges.
Thanks for listening!
The Cardi Family

Ron has been satisfying my hearing aid needs for over 10 years. My hearing loss is profound so i need appropriate testing and adjustments. I lead an active life and greatly appreciated the attention given to make my hearing nearly normal instead of a disability.
Matt and Cindy are always accommodating when I need attention or adjustment. Options are always presented and fully explained so I can make decisions on adjustment or upgrade. They never over sell or push their product. – Helen & Tom Ptaszek

Excellent A+ customer service. - Julian Preisler

The staff is very personable, know you by name. Mark is very knowledgeable helps you out no matter what you need as far as the hearing aids go, he does not try to make you purchase any thing that you don' t need. He takes his time with you and cares about you. - Paulette Hawkins

I have had my Beltone Hearing aids for about a year now and what a difference compared to my old hearing aids. Mark has been great to work with getting my settings how I want them and the app is so easy to use. I have so much control over them being able to customize the settings for different listening modes. Highly recommend these hearing aids and dealing with Mark at Beltone to anyone needing hearing aids. - Keith Alt

Mark is wonderful. From day one he’s been so supportive and helpful. I couldn’t have done all this without his guidance. My hearing aides are great, unobtrusive, clear and undemanding. If you want a great product and excellent service , this is the place to come. - Mary Lou Benton

Prompt. Very customer oriented. Took the time to answer all my questions. I highly recommend this office for your hearing needs. - Scott Cassel

Professional people and great atmosphere. The people who work here really are great people who care about helping others. - Tammy Wilson

Friendly staff with the best technology available. What a first class operation. Thanks Mr. Ron Allander for all you do for people. - Garrett Morgan

Great friendly staff and very knowledgeable. - Krista Kelly


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