Professional Hearing Screening and Evaluation

A comprehensive hearing evaluation is a multi-step process that’s critical in assessing your sense of hearing. This test determines whether you have hearing loss and further evaluates the severity of the problem. Furthermore, this evaluation includes several tests that gauge your ability to hear a variety of sounds.

At Beltone, we offer professional hearing screening and evaluation services to patients of all ages. While hearing screening is a superficial test, hearing evaluation is a more comprehensive assessment of your hearing ability. You must first undergo screening since it determines if the doctor should further evaluate your hearing.

Our licensed audiologists will use their vast experience to screen your ears and asses the state of your hearing. This initial test will determine whether you need further evaluation of your hearing.

Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation Steps

This procedure includes the following steps:

1.Visual Examination of Your Ear: This step entails examining your ears using an otoscope. The test will establish if there are any defects, injuries or physical objects impeding your hearing. Our audiologist will ask you several questions about your hearing to give us a better idea of what’s going on.

2.Air and Bone Conduction Testing: Air conduction testing evaluates hearing loss using an earphone placed on the outer ear. We will test whether sound signals are reaching the cochlea in the inner ear from the outer ear. Bone conduction uses an electromechanical earphone placed on the skull to measure how well your inner ear is functioning.

3.Word Discrimination Testing: This test evaluates clinical speech by measuring how well you understand the words you hear to determine the severity of your hearing loss.

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