Hearing Aid Consultation

A hearing aid consultation is the first step to treating your hearing loss. During this session, our experienced audiologists will carry out thorough screening tests and evaluate your hearing abilities to determine the severity of your condition. Furthermore, the audiologist will discuss issues such as costs and the latest technological advances before recommending the best device to suit your condition. From this consultation session, you’ll be able to make a more informed decision before buying a hearing aid.

Beltone In-Home Consultations

Hearing loss is common among seniors. The older population might not find it convenient to leave the comfort of their homes to visit an audiologist. For this reason, in-home hearing aid consultations have become common in recent years.

At Beltone, we provide in-home consultation services to our clients because we accept the fact that some patients may not be able to leave their home and come to our offices. We also offer in-home service and repair visits, where we’ll program your hearing aid to function at optimum efficiency.

Apart from in-home consultations, we attend to hearing loss patients in nursing homes and assisted living centers. All our staff members are licensed and possess relevant accreditation from various authorities. Our experienced audiologists and professional dispensers use the latest technology to carry out comprehensive screenings and evaluation. This allows us to offer you exceptional testing services in the comfort of your home.

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