Beltone Origin Hearing Aids

Beltone Origin™

Quality at the Core

We took technology from our most sophisticated products and simplified it into a hearing instrument that delivers excellent sound quality, and is still easy to use.

Beltone Origin™ offers you a wide variety of models in all power levels to fit your unique needs. Plus, all Beltone Origin™ instruments are available in a range of colors to match any skin tone or hair color.

With Beltone Origin™, we’ve made some of our most advanced technology and our clearest sound quality available to everyone. That’s why choosing Beltone Origin™ will help you begin hearing. Again.

With Beltone Origin™ hearing aids, we’ve taken the most advanced hearing aid technology and simplified it to give everyone access to excellent sound quality. Beltone Origin™ comes in a wide range of models and colors to fit your peculiar needs, skin tone, hair color and style preferences.

Beltone Origin™ Hearing Aids Features

With these unique features, Beltone Origin™ transforms your hearing, improving your ability to communicate and hear sounds in any environment:

  • Directionality: As you move from one place to another, background noise is easily detected and minimized.
  • Feedback Management: You always hear clean and clear sounds because irritating whistling sounds are canceled.
  • HPF80 NanoBlock: This is the best type of protection available for keeping your hearing aid free of moisture and debris, so your device can provide optimum performance and last longer.


What to Expect After We Help You Fit a Beltone Origin™ Device

  • Enjoy exciting natural sounds without unnecessary background noise
  • Experience a dramatic improvement in how you relate with people and enjoy conversations
  • Watch your mood become more positive and your stress levels diminish


To enjoy a drastic improvement in your hearing ability at an affordable price, visit the nearest Beltone hearing aid center in PA. Let our audiologist test your ears and customize a Beltone Origin™ hearing aid for you.