Beltone Micro-Invisa Hearing Aids

Beltone micro-Invisa™

The Tiniest-Ever Hearing Aid

The Beltone micro-Invisa™ is about the size of a raspberry, which is custom made to hide completely. Enjoy easy listening at restaurants, on the phone, and watching TV.

Micro Invisa Hearing Aid

Our expert artisans meticulously sculpt your instrument to match the exact contours of your ear anatomy. As with any custom-tailored product, the fit is superb. You get maximum comfort, stellar acoustics, and a top-of-the-line listening experience.

The Beltone micro-Invisa™ uses our most advanced digital processing chip for superior sound quality. It features Smart Gain Pro —a state-of-the-art technology that analyzes your surroundings, then automatically adjusts the volume accordingly. You touch nothing. Sound Cleaner Pro reduces background noise to help you hear exactly what you want to hear.

If you want an invisible hearing aid that fits perfectly into your ears and provides exceptional sound quality, the Beltone micro-Invisa™ hearing aid is your best choice. This hearing aid stays in your ear canal and is smaller than a dime.

You can use Beltone micro-Invisa™ without any manual adjustment because it automatically adjusts to the noise and sounds in your environment. So, you can easily participate in conversations without any sound distortions or feedback. To experience the power of this unique hearing aid, visit the closest Beltone hearing aid center to you.

Beltone micro-Invisa™ Hearing Aid Features

You’ll be amazed by the micro-Invisa™ hearing aid’s features, such as:

  • Hand-Crafted for Maximum Comfort: Our artisans will craft your hearing aid to fit the unique contours of your ears.
  • Smart Gain Pro: Beltone micro-Invisa™ works like your natural ears. With micro digital sound processing technology, it analyzes the surroundings and helps you to cut down background noise.
  • HPF80 NanoBlock: This protects the device in your ears and prevents dirt and moisture from getting to the sensitive electronic parts.
  • Special Music Mode: If you love music, the AFX Music Mode will give you excellent distinction between tones, notes and sounds of various frequencies.


What to Expect After We Fit a Beltone micro-Invisa™ Hearing Aid for You

When you choose a Beltone micro-Invisa™ hearing aid, you’ll:

  • See instant improvement in hearing, giving you the impression you’ve received brand new ears
  • Hear human speech with such clarity and precision that you’ll be able to chat effectively in a noisy place or a quiet room
  • Enjoy the best warranties and follow-up care in the hearing aid industry

Take the next step and visit a Beltone location near you — enjoy the warm, caring service offered by the best audiologists and hearing care professionals.