Beltone Ally hearing aids

Beltone Ally™

A Reliable Friend

The simplicity and user-friendly design of the Beltone Ally™ make it one of the best digital wireless hearing aids. Designed to be one of the most affordable hearing aids with wind-noise reduction, it provides all the basic functionality you need to hear clearly and in all types of outdoor situations.

Beltone Ally™ gives you the capacity to hear sounds directly from your TV, iPhone, iPod, iPad or Android smartphone — just as if you were using small wireless headphones.

These hearing aids come in a variety of designs, including in-the-ear, in-the-canal, completely-in-canal, mic-in-helix and receiver-in-ear. This list gives you absolute freedom to choose the style you like and that fits your lifestyle and level of hearing loss.

Your Beltone Ally™ will work for both face-to-face and non-face-to-face conversations. You can make a wireless connection to a wireless mic that you hand over to someone else. With our Direct TV Link, you can easily listen to any audio device or TV at your desired volume while you have engaging conversations with other family members or friends at home.

Beltone Ally™ Hearing Aid Features

With Beltone Ally™, you can enjoy:

  • Special HPF80 NanoBlock: This feature is a special coating that protects your hearing aid when you’re outdoors. Enjoy all the activities you want while the NanoBlock coating protects your hearing aid from rain and sweat.
  • Direct wireless streaming: It's easy and convenient to hear sounds from your television, home theater or stereo through your Beltone Ally™ hearing aid. You won't need any cables or special connectors on your neck.
  • Tinnitus Breaker Pro: Patients with tinnitus who use this hearing aid will enjoy soothing relief from the ringing noise of tinnitus when they activate this special feature.
  • Compatibility with wireless accessories: This hearing aid works perfectly with other 2.4 GHz accessories made by Beltone.

The features that make the Beltone Ally™ a great choice include:

  • Sound cleaner: This feature helps you enjoy a social gathering even when it’s loud. It filters different kinds of noises, including air conditioning noise, and allows you to hear with precision in places like busy restaurants.
  • Wind-noise reduction: This component makes it easy for you to hear other people's speech clearly in a place with a lot of background noise caused by wind or a crowd.
  • Speech spotter: Speech spotter is a unique technology that makes it possible for the hearing aids to instantly switch their reception to the direction that sounds are coming from, so you can hear speech clearly.

Take the next step toward a better life as you visit your closest Beltone office today. You’ll have your hearing evaluated, and a Beltone Ally™ hearing aid will be customized for you. Call us today at (717) 763-1210 or contact us online.