Beltone Digital Hearing Aids

Hearing aids come in different styles specifically designed to suit different needs. In this era of advanced technology, hearing devices have adopted digital features for enhanced efficiency, reliability and performance. It’s critical to have your ears examined to determine the best digital hearing aids for your condition.

Beltone has some of the best digital hearing aids with high-quality sound. Our top hearing aid devices include:

  • Beltone Trust: This comfortable hearing aid with Android integration is small, reliable and built to last. Whether you’re traveling on vacation or relaxing in the comfort of your home, this device offers optimum performance and flexibility for any surrounding.


  • Beltone Legend: Beltone Legend™ features Personal Sound ID and CrossLink Directionality, which work seamlessly to bring back your natural hearing. This hearing aid with great sound quality is the perfect match to suit your lifestyle and personal needs.


  • Beltone First: This Beltone hearing aid made for iPhone features a sleek design that makes it virtually invisible. It allows you to control your hearing aid remotely and discreetly using your smartphone.


  • Beltone Promise: Beltone Promise™ naturally adapts to different environments and helps bring back your natural hearing by self-adjusting to the surroundings. It features noise suppression settings and automatic volume control.


  • Beltone micro-Invisa: Beltone micro-Invisa™ is one of the tiniest hearing aids available today. It’s highly customizable to fit the contours of your ear for maximum comfort and superior sound quality.


  • Beltone Boost: Beltone Boost™ is the best hearing aid for severe hearing loss. This hearing aid offers superior power, and it has a sleek ergonomic design for utter comfort. It works well with all types of smartphones and wireless accessories for greater performance.


  • Beltone Prime: If you’re looking for comfortable hearing aids that have a unique design and are highly customizable, then Beltone Prime™ fits the bill. This aid uses advanced technology to suppress noise, making it easier to understand conversations even in noisy places.


  • Beltone True: Beltone True™ features Spatial Directionality and Speech Spotter Pro to help you focus on the person you’re conversing with and understand speech in a noisy environment.


  • Beltone Origin: Beltone Origin is a simplified hearing aid that delivers superior sound quality. It comes in a range of colors to suit your style and a wide variety of power levels all customized to fit your hearing needs.


  • Beltone Bold: Beltone Bold™ is ideal for people suffering from severe to profound hearing loss. It features Adaptive Directionality, Sound Shifter and Speech Spotter options to help restore your natural hearing even in noisy places.


  • Beltone Turn: Beltone Turn gives you complete control over your hearing aid. It features a manual volume control, dual-program switch, telecoil and low-battery warning options that work together to deliver a seamless hearing experience.


At Beltone, we have affordable hearing aid options for everyone. We offer a wide range of services, too. These range from in-home consultations to hearing aid repair and programming. All our hearing aids come with a five-year warranty and lifetime free batteries. Call Beltone at (717) 763-1210 today and schedule your consultation at no additional cost.