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Free Test

Online Hearing Test

Would you like to discover a few quick facts about your hearing through an online hearing test?

At Beltone, we offer a short, helpful hearing test online. Taking online hearing tests should not be a substitute for coming to see one of our trained Hearing Care Professionals at the nearest Beltone center in PA. However, this test can help you discover how soon you should seek further medical help.

Online Hearing Screening
Free Test

Benefits of Our Simple Online Hearing Test

When you take our free online hearing test, here’s what you can expect as a result:

  • You’ll know whether your hearing loss is severe, moderate or mild
  • Our test results will let you know if your hearing impairment is temporary or permanent
  • You’ll be able to take the next steps to improve your hearing with confidence
  • You’ll enjoy our follow-up service to guide you to our nearest hearing aid center in your community
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