You likely do not have a hearing problem.

Your results suggest that you may not have a hearing problem. However, it is recommended that you have your hearing checked every year by a hearing care professional. Book a hearing test today.

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As this test is only a screening, if you still have concerns that a hearing problem exists, it is recommended that you have your hearing tested by your local hearing care professional.

Thank you for trying our hearing test. We wish you all the best.

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Ronald Allander, BC-HIS

Board Certified Hearing Instrument Specialist

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  • How much do hearing aids cost?
  • What are the best hearing aid brands?
  • Did your hearing specialist make a recommendation for a particular type of hearing instrument because it was the best technology?
  • What is the difference between Premium Digital, Advanced Digital, Basic, and Entry Level Hearing Aids?
  • What should I expect from hearing aids?


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Free Non-working Sample


Free Non-working Sample


Order a non-working sample of a Beltone completely-in-the-canal (CIC) hearing aid – one of the smallest types of hearing instruments available today.  

  • Worn completely within the ear canal
  • Custom-made for you
  • Virtually undetectable
  • For mild to moderately severe hearing loss

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