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What Are The Best Hearing Aids For Babies, Youth, And Adults?

People of any age can suffer from hearing loss that requires the use of hearing aids, but your preference in the type of hearing aid you wear may depend on your age.

We offer different styles based on your needs in different stages of life. Here’s a look at the best hearing aids for all ages.

Adult Hearing Aids


Adults have a wider range of hearing aids available. Factors that may influence your decision include:

  • Lifestyle: Those who live an active lifestyle or work active jobs may want a Receiver-in-Ear (RIE) style hearing aid, like the Beltone Amaze™. These types of hearing aids are extremely tiny and barely visible.
  • Comfort: If comfort is your top priority, a Behind-the-Ear (BTE) style hearing aid is the best option. A lightweight custom-created mold sits in the ear canal.
  • Longer battery life: Having to change batteries more frequently can get in the way of long meetings or travel.
  • Features: As technology improves, so do our hearing aids. If you are comfortable with an existing hearing aid, then it doesn’t mean you have to upgrade to the latest model, but you should always consider making the switch to a newer model if it means better hearing.


The degree of hearing loss also plays into the type of hearing aid that will work best. Custom hearing aids are often the best choice. We can take your preferences into account and help you select the best hearing aid.

Kid-Friendly Hearing Aids and Hearing Aids for Infants


Kids and babies want, above all else, comfortable hearing aids. Babies and young children are sometimes not old enough to understand why they need hearing aids, so comfort becomes the most important factor in whether they actually wear them.

A Behind-the-Ear (BTE) style hearing aid provides the flexibility for babies and children. These hearing aids are made with soft materials and have long-lasting batteries.

They also boast certain practicalities that make life easier for kids dealing with hearing loss. For example, you can find FM systems options for the classroom. And for kids who like to show off their personality, they can choose from a hearing aid design that is sassy or exuberant. We have unique color options for your child to personalize their hearing aid.

Hearing Aids Teenagers Will Like


Teens may feel more self-conscious about hearing aid use than younger children. They often want to fit in and don’t want to draw attention to themselves. A Receiver-in-Canal (RIC) style hearing aid or Completely-in-Canal (CIC) style hearing aids are tiny, discreet, and barely visible.

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Hearing aids are made for differing degrees and types of hearing loss. Consult with a professional to see which hearing aid will best suit your needs as well as enhance your hearing. Schedule a free hearing evaluation at one of our local Beltone offices.

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