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Wearing Hearing Aids While Working Out And Exercising | Beltone

Exercising with hearing loss can be a challenge if you wear hearing aids, but getting physical activity is a great way to fight obesity, which can raise your risk of developing further hearing loss. An active lifestyle also offers many other benefits, so figuring out how to keep your hearing aids safe is worth the time. Plus, there are benefits to exercising with your hearing aids versus removing them until you are done exercising.

Some people worry about damaging hearing aids with sweat or losing them while on the run. With proper precautions, you don’t have to fret. Keep these tips in mind when exercising with hearing aids.

Get Waterproof Hearing Aids and Batteries


Waterproof hearing aids and hearing aid batteries can be exposed to water without worrying about causing damage. When getting a hearing aid consultation, ask about waterproof options and explain what type of sport you engage in. Remember that there is a difference between water resistant and waterproof hearing aids, so be mindful when you make your selection.

Use Cases or Sleeves for Protection


You can purchase sleeves and cases to put over your hearing aid to protect it against moisture. Slide off these removable protectors when you’re done, and go about your day as usual.

Clean Your Hearing Aids After Exercise


When you work up a sweat, it’s bound to get all over your clothes, your body and, yes, your hearing aids. Prolong the life of your hearing aids by using a cleaning kit to get them tidy again post-workout.

Buy Securing Devices for Your Hearing Aids


Many people worry about losing their hearing aids during exercise because they think their motion will jostle the aids out of place. If you lose one on a run or a bike ride, for instance, it may be difficult to recover even when you retrace your steps. To give yourself peace of mind, invest in a headband, clip or another securing device that will keep your hearing aids in place no matter how intense your physical activity.

Benefits of Exercising With Hearing Aids


We advise people not to remove their hearing aids when they exercise. You can experience advantages from keeping your hearing aids in while you sweat, such as:

  • Team sports: You may be unable to hear others on the field or court if you take out your hearing aids, making it difficult to set up plays or hear instructions others yell to you during play.
  • Safety: You can hear oncoming traffic when you jog or bike, and you will also be more aware of your surroundings when you exercise alone.


Finally, if you are someone who wears sunscreen when you exercise outside, wash your hands before handling your hearing aids. You want to avoid getting the chemicals on the hearing aid or batteries. Contact us today to set up a hearing aid screening or book a free hearing evaluation.

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