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Ways That Hearing Loss Can Negatively Impact Earning Potential

Hearing loss is more than a mere annoyance. Even mild loss of hearing can lead to a myriad of health, emotional, personal and even professional difficulties. There’s a direct correlation between untreated hearing loss and its effects on an individual’s annual income. In fact, on average, those with profound hearing loss earn about $12,000 less annually. This loss of potential income not only impacts someone personally but also chances the financial stability of their entire family.

Even those in the prime of their working careers can struggle with hearing loss. However, many of these individuals avoid getting treated because they’re afraid that the issue will lead to stigmatization on the job — in other words, with others viewing them differently. Unfortunately, hidden hearing loss has a negative impact on work performance the longer it goes untreated.

Ways Hearing Loss Can Impact Your Earning Potential

When you struggle with hearing loss, it can severely impact you financially. You and your family will find that your earning potential is affected on multiple fronts in the form of lost wages, lost opportunities, lost promotions and even lost retirement income.

While everyone’s situation is different, untreated hearing loss often affects on-the-job income for the following reasons:

  • When people do not hear instructions clearly, it can lead to poor performance and mistakes on the job. When it comes time for a promotion, superiors often keep these mistakes in mind.
  • Hearing loss creates communication barriers, thereby limiting productivity. Effective verbal communication is a key component of superior job performance.
  • When individuals can’t hear well, it reduces their overall social and mental quality of life. Social isolation is a common side effect of hearing loss, which can lead to depression and exhaustion, often impacting job performance.
  • Untreated hearing loss generates higher levels of underemployment and unemployment. Many are taken out of contention for promotions, while others find it difficult to locate a position in the job market.

The simple act of seeking treatment for hearing loss has the ability to enhance job performance and result in higher earning potential.

How Beltone Can Help You Today

Older adults are not the only ones struggling with hearing loss. In fact, only 40% of those struggling with a loss of hearing are beyond the age of retirement. That means the majority of people who have hearing loss are either school-aged or in the workforce.

Hearing loss is an unnecessary obstacle, especially since even profound loss of hearing can potentially be treated using hearing aids.

If difficulty hearing is impacting your life, it’s time to contact Beltone. Our hearing specialists are dedicated to improving your overall workplace performance, whether it’s through a free comprehensive hearing evaluation, fitting you with a state-of-the-art hearing device or providing you with a lifetime of service and support at no additional cost.

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