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Traveling With Hearing Aids – Travel Tips For Hearing Aid Users

You have invested your hard-earned wages into hearing aids, and we know you’re probably nervous about losing or breaking them while you’re away. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, it is important to avoid losing your hearing aid altogether and keep them from accidental damage.

While you may be tempted to leave them in the safety of your home, you’re going to need your hearing aids to enjoy your trip fully. They’re also essential for communication that takes places in airports and other modes of travel. So, bring them along. Here are some travel tips for hearing aid users that will help you have peace of mind before you hit the road.

Make a Checklist of What to Bring

Checklists are great. They’re a super-easy method of keeping on top of all the things you need to remember before you travel. Traveling with hearing aids adds an extra complication because of all the essentials you’ll need to bring to keep them working properly while you’re away. Here is a basic list of what not to forget:


  • Extra batteries: You may be surprised at how quickly your hearing aid batteries die while traveling. If they die, new ones may be hard to find. So, it’s better to bring extra just in case.
  • Charging station, charging cable and power strip: A charging station plus its power cord are essential items for rechargeable hearing aids. We’re sure you have many other electronic devices as well. From laptops to your smartphone, a power strip will ensure you have a place to plug everything into.
  • Cleaning kit, extra wax guards and domes: Sticking to your regular cleaning schedule will ensure your hearing aids remain in tip-top shape. The extra accessories will also let you fix a problem if one occurs.
  • Dehumidifier or dryer: Wetter climates, where the humidity is high, can damage your hearing aids. Every night, dry them out with a dryer or dehumidifier.
  • Bluetooth accessories: Whether it’s a remote mic to help you talk to the airline crew in the crowded airport or an accessory you pair with your cell phone, be sure to pack any Bluetooth accessories you use regularly.


Helpful Tips When Flying With Hearing Aids

Airports and flights can be overwhelming when flying with hearing aids. The ambient noise may tempt you to pack your hearing aids away. However, you’ll need them to understand the vital information that’s told over intercoms and by the airline staff. Here are some things to keep in mind before you fly:

  • Wear them at all times: Wearing your hearing aids mean you won’t forget them at home. They’ll also help you communicate with others and ensure you don’t miss vital information. One note — even though they probably won’t set the metal detector off, be sure to inform airport security that you’re wearing them. If they ask you to take them out, they’ll be safe as they pass through the X-ray.
  • Keep your hearing aid supplies handy: Make sure all your hearing aid accessories are in your carry-on. That way, they’re handy in case an emergency situation arises, like your batteries running out of juice.
  • Keep them on: When the announcement is made to switch off all electronic devices, that doesn’t mean you have to turn off your hearing aids.
  • Print out itinerary: Just in case a situation arises where you have difficulty hearing, make sure your itinerary is printed and handy so you can ask airport staff for assistance.


Check in With Beltone When You Return

Hopefully, these tips for traveling with hearing aids will set your mind at ease. If you’re worried that anything happened to your hearing aids while you were traveling, BelCare Lifetime Care is a service we provide to all our customers. We can inspect your hearing aids to ensure they’re free from damage and even clean them if necessary. Call us at 717-763-1210 or fill out our online contact form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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