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All Things Hearing

16 Mar

The History of Hearing Aids From 1902 To Present Day | Beltone

A hearing aid is an instrument or device that helps improve hearing, assists in treating hearing loss and protects the ears from damage. Hearing devices have come a long way since the invention of the early ear trumpets in the 18th century.

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02 Mar

Hearing Aid: Fact Or Fiction - Is It Time For A Hearing Aid?

Common misconceptions about hearing aids can make people avoid an effective hearing loss treatment. Unlike sight loss, it’s possible to live with hearing impairments for a long time without doing anything to manage the problem. Most doctors don't complete hearing tests, so they’re clueless when you ask them whether it’s time for a hearing aid.

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23 Feb

10 Tips To Get More Out Of Your Hearing Aid Batteries | Beltone

Hearing aids are powerful tools for improving your hearing. But as soon as you hear a continuous beep, you know it's time to change the batteries. Hearing aid battery sizes vary, and so does their lifespan.

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09 Feb

Why Your Father Doesn't Want Hearing Aids - Hearing Aids For Men

Convincing your dad to use hearing aids may not be an easy task. While elderly men will more likely need hearing aids than women, they are less likely to buy or even use them. There are many reasons people don’t wear hearing aids, but when your dad starts to show obvious signs of hearing loss, what do you do? Use these helpful tips and ideas when you want to get a hearing aid for a loved one.

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26 Jan

Sound Levels Of Everyday Noises - Noise Related Hearing Loss

If you've experienced hearing loss or feel you need to start using hearing aids for ear protection, you should know more about various sound levels and their effect on your hearing. This information will help you to avoid areas where loud noises can damage your hearing.

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08 Jan

What Can You Do About Hearing Loss? - Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

Age-related hearing loss is pretty common. About a quarter of people between the ages of 55 and 65 have some hearing loss. As much as half of the population over the age of 65 are dealing with hearing loss in some form or another.

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23 Aug

Driving with Hearing Loss

We rely on our hearing while driving more than what most people realize. Your eyesight is the most significant, but your sense of hearing also helps you detect approaching emergency vehicles, hear the blaring horn of an impatient driver or reminds you that your turn signals are still turned on. People with hearing loss don't drive any worse than those with normal hearing, but it never hurts to be prepared and take extra safety precautions. It could save your life.

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09 Aug

Why Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Will Ultimately Cost Consumers Much More

Will Over-the-Counter Hearing Aids Really Save Consumers Money?

There is a recent trend to end restrictions on popular medical treatments by allowing consumers to purchase hearing aids over-the-counter without a prescription in an attempt to make it more convenient and affordable. When dealing with medical issues, however, convenience is not always the top priority.

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05 Jul

Everything There is to Know About Hearing Aids

An estimated 20% of people in America struggle with hearing loss, and, as the Baby Boomers age, that number will likely climb even higher.

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18 May

Common Products Created for the Hearing Impaired

We use sound for several important functions in our daily lives. Many people use alarm clocks to wake themselves up in the morning, talk on telephones to people throughout their day and, in worst-case scenarios, depend on fire and smoke alarms to alert them to danger.

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