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All Things Hearing

30 Jul

How Hearing Loss Is Linked To An Increased Risk Of Falling

Untreated hearing loss can lead to a multitude of difficulties.

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16 Jul

Ways That Hearing Loss Can Negatively Impact Earning Potential

Hearing loss is more than a mere annoyance. Even mild loss of hearing can lead to a myriad of health, emotional, personal and even professional difficulties. There's a direct correlation between untreated hearing loss and its effects on an individual's annual income. In fact, on average, those with profound hearing loss earn about $12,000 less annually. This loss of potential income not only impacts someone personally but also chances the financial stability of their entire family.

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02 Jul

Hearing Loss Linked To Memory Loss - Hearing Loss And Dementia

Aging comes with its fair share of complications. Hearing loss and dementia are difficulties that many older adults face. As it turns out, the two are linked.

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18 Jun

Wearing Hearing Aids While Working Out And Exercising | Beltone

Exercising with hearing loss can be a challenge if you wear hearing aids, but getting physical activity is a great way to fight obesity, which can raise your risk of developing further hearing loss. An active lifestyle also offers many other benefits, so figuring out how to keep your hearing aids safe is worth the time. Plus, there are benefits to exercising with your hearing aids versus removing them until you are done exercising.

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04 Jun

Negative Effects Of Ignoring & Trying To Adapt To Hearing Loss

Hearing loss is a fairly common occurrence, however, many people are reluctant to acknowledge their hearing loss. They may worry about being perceived as different or old. They could also be concerned about discrimination if they admit to hearing loss.

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23 May

3 Common Causes Of Temporary Hearing Loss And How To Avoid It

Have you experienced sudden hearing loss? This can happen for many reasons. Though the hearing loss is temporary, you may still feel alarmed at the change and wonder how it occurred.

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15 May

What Are The Best Hearing Aids For Babies, Youth, And Adults?

People of any age can suffer from hearing loss that requires the use of hearing aids, but your preference in the type of hearing aid you wear may depend on your age.

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19 Apr

Why It's Important To Get Your Hearing Checked Regularly

You schedule annual physicals to make sure your heart and body stay healthy. You attend biannual dental exams to keep your teeth in good health, and you get your vision checked every year to see if your eyesight changed. But are you treating your hearing with the same attention? Getting your hearing tested regularly is just as important to your health as a physician, dentist, or optometrist visit.

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07 Jun

Why Newborn Babies Need A Hearing Screening - Newborn Hearing

In the first days of a baby's life, there will be a lot of excitement and joy. There will also be a few standard tests performed before you can welcome your baby into their new home. These tests are usually performed at the hospital to ensure your newborn is healthy. One of these is a newborn hearing screening. Don't let this procedure cause you any fear or trepidation.

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23 May

Traveling With Hearing Aids - Travel Tips For Hearing Aid Users

You have invested your hard-earned wages into hearing aids, and we know you're probably nervous about losing or breaking them while you're away. Whether traveling for business or for pleasure, it is important to avoid losing your hearing aid altogether and keep them from accidental damage.

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