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Hearing Loss Prevention

Although hearing loss is often a natural part of aging, there are some things you can do to can help prevent hearing loss. Here are some situations where hearing loss can occur and how you can prevent it:

Close-range, loud noises – A loud noise, like a single shot from a shotgun or being up close at a car race can permanently damage hearing. Take precaution when engaging in especially loud activities. Your hearing will thank you later.

A loud environment over an extended period – Working in a factory around loud machinery or on a construction site can damage hearing over time because of the repeated exposure to loud noises. Bring earplugs to work to protect your ears.

Damaging the delicate hairs in the inner ear – Be weary of sticking Q-tips or other cleaning devices in the ear to remove wax. There are tiny, delicate hairs in the inner ear that are essential to hearing, and if too many of them are damaged, hearing loss will occur.

Overuse of ear bud headphones – Wearing ear bud headphones constantly with loud music playing can damage the eardrum. Try switching to a radio sometimes or turn the volume down to a moderate level.

Remember, one-third of hearing loss is preventable through hearing loss prevention strategies!

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