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Aging and Hearing Loss

Most never expect the day when they have trouble participating in social events or listening to someone on the phone, but these can become real problems for someone suffering from hearing loss, which is a very common part of aging.

Presbycusis is the scientific name for hearing loss related to aging. It comes from damage to parts of the inner ear, the auditory nerve, or hearing pathways to the brain. The degree of hearing loss varies from person to person. This type of hearing loss is most commonly associated with not being able to hear what others are saying or have a hard time tolerating loud sounds.

Tinnitus is another form of hearing loss that is sometimes associated with aging. This type of hearing loss causes loud, constant ringing or roaring sounds in the ear.

How Do I Know if I have Hearing Loss?

 You should consider having a hearing test if you:

  • Have difficulty following conversations when two or more people are talking
  • Are turning the TV up louder than you used to
  • Have trouble hearing the person on the other end of the telephone
  • Feel as though people are constantly mumbling


Wearing a hearing device can help these sounds become clearer and louder, so social engagements, phone calls and even watching television become easier.


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